3G GSM Intercom Systems

Home or office entry control made easy with the GM Techtronics 3G digital GSM intercom system.

The 3G intercom allows you to welcome, filter and control visitors to the home or office.

Use your 3G intercom system to remotely open or close entrances, (pedestrian gates, driveway gates, rising bollards, traffic barriers, garage doors, etc)

Switch on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, pool or fountain pumps that can all be controlled from your landline handset or your mobile phone. 

You can activate external lighting to make access approach safer at night.

The 3G signal gives you crystal clear digital audio communication.


Main features 

Up to 3 contact numbers can be assigned to each call button, these will ring in sequence.

Only the name plates of buttons in use are lit on the 1 to 8-way version.

384 user codes can be programmed on the 200-way keypad version to operate relays as below.

2 x NO,C,NC relays can be triggered (1~9,999 secs), held open or held closed.


There are 3 individual inputs available:

Input 1 will text you on the inputs change of state.

Input 2 is a Detection input for position contacts, so that you can check if the gate/door is open or closed.

Input 3 is for Egress, that is an input for a push to exit button or keypad controlled exit.


There is a Huge 1150 dial-in user capability that can be programmed and assigned to relay 1 or relay 2.

Unlimited users can operate each relay by typing in the password once the call is answered.

A dial-in call log (history event log) can be requested by SMS, then received back by SMS or e-mail.

The dial-in call history event log can be automatically sent when 100 or 200 calls have been received (user selectable).


Bright Blue backlit call buttons and name plates, ideal for low light areas and night time users.

Microphone and Speaker volumes can be adjusted via the programming commands.

The intelligent Anti-Tamper feature will alert you immediately if the intercom has been moved, (built-in accelerometer & vibration sensor).

Customised text messages can also be programmed.

All intercoms can be flush mounted, or surface mounted with the supplied robust weathershield. 

Vandal resistant, made from strong die cast aluminium. 

No need to dig trenches outside to run any cables inside, No wires need to be installed, just add power!

No potential for any damage to property, either inside or outside your home or office, and definitely no disruption to residents!

Easy to install - No major installation work required.


 Powered by 12~24v AC/DC @ 55mA average consumption (peaks @ 250mA)

Face plate - 180mm (H) x 109mm (W), Back box - 189mm (H) x 118mm (W) x 65mm (D).


Operate, answer and control your 3G intercom with our new App available now 


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