Frequently Asked Questions - GMT-RC01/RC01EX


GMT-RC01 gsm switch single output.

If the GMT-RC01 sends you an SMS of 'Wrong Password' after you call the device this means that VM (voicemail) is still enabled on the SIM card.

Please remove the SIM card, place into a mobile phone and disable voicemail.

You could try asking the provider to disable voicemail, this could take up to 48 hours and not work in the end, so we suggest doing it yourself.

Wrong Syntax indicates that the GMT-RC01 does not understand the command you have sent.

Please check and try again.

_ is there to indicate a space.


Should actually be

0000 PSW 1234

The easiest way to show a space was an underscore and this is mentioned at the beginning of the guide.

The Password and Administrators can be reset by doing an 'R2D' (Return To Default) as set out below:

  1. Turn the power OFF
  2. Place the jumper over the 'R2D' PINs (labled)
  3. Turn the power ON
  4. Wait 5 seconds after the LED flash
  5. Turn the power OFF
  6. Remove the jumper
  7. Turn the power ON

Password is now defaulted to 0000 and all administrators removed.

Follow the guide to change the password and add an administrator.

NB. all users are not affected and remain programmed


GMT-RC01/EX are 2G devices working on the gprs network please use one of the following:

  • O2
  • EE (T-Mobile / Orange)
  • Vodafone

Alternatively we can supply you with a 30 day rolling contract SIM card utilising all of the above networks.

*Please do not use the 3 (Three) network*

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