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FAQs - Active Track

Active Track, lone worker, guarding device

Active Track batteries last for:

  1. 1 year
  2. 500 charges

If your device is not fuctioning normally please change the battery and try again.


Active Track can scan RFiD tags.

125kHz RFiD is the format of the tags required.

These are available from GM Techtronics LTD.


Active Track is able to sound/send an alarm if the device has not been moved for a period of time.

For Example:

  1. Active Track does not move for 120 seconds (a pre-alarm tone is emitted from the device warning that the device has not moved)
  2. Active Track does not move for a further 60 seconds - a real alarm is sent to Active View (self-monitoring website)

When the Active Track is on charge, the man down feature is disabled.


There are 6 pre-sets

  1. Horizontal
  2. Horizontal buttons up
  3. Horizontal buttons down
  4. Vertical
  5. Vertical buttons up
  6. Vertical buttons down

If the Active Track moves out of its above pre-set position an alarm is send to Active View (self-monitoring website).

Calls are answered automatically.

In default, calls are answered after 3 rings, this can be adjusted and can also be set to 0 rings (instant answer)

*Incoming calls cannot be ended by the Active Track, only the person making the call can end it*


Active Track can place an outgoing call to 1 pre-defined number.

This number is typically set prior to the device being sent out.

The number can be changed by a simple SMS as follows:

XXXX EMERGENCY=07123456789

XXXX = 4 digit password (service code)
EMERGENCY in capitals
No Space
No Space
Mobile number the device is to call.


Active Track complies to all BS8484 device standards.

We have many accessories available at very competitive prices.

  • Belt pouch for the Active track, made from a tough fabric. This will prevent any unwanted damage or button presses.
  • In Car Charger. This comes with a window suction mount, a USB charger. The Active Track mount can be detached and used as a belt clip.
  • RFid tags, cards and keyrings.
  • Replacement charging cables and docking stations.
  • Programming cables for those who wish to configure their own devices.

GM Techtronics LTD have sourced a purpose built SIM bundle.

Our SIM has enough Data, SMS and voice to get you through the month.

We use O2, EE and Vodafone networks on a roaming SIM so a signal is pretty much guaranteed throughout Europe.

Our SIM's are on a 30 day rolling contract so if you are not happy with our service just give us 30 days notice (end of month).

The orange light/button serves a few purposes.

  1. 1 flash every 1 second means that the device is not connected to the GSM network.
  2. 1 flash every 5 seconds means that the device is connected to the GSM network and is online.
  3. The middle button should be pressed to read an RFiD tag.

The top left/green button is indicating the connection to the GPS network.

  1. 1 flash every second indicates that GPS satellites cannot be detected.
  2. 1 flash every 5 seconds indicates the a GPS location has been detected.

The top right/blue button flashes twice and the Active Track beeps to let you know that the battery is running low and should be placed on charge.

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