Frequently Asked Questions - GMT-RC11


250 User GSM switch


The RC11 can be programmed by DIP Switch 4, to allow any user to operate the relay.

DIP switch 1 will select between Bistable or Monostable.


Bistable = One call for open and a second call to close.

Monostable = One call to activate the relay on a timer (a minimum of 1 second)

*There is no SMS/Text command to hold your gate open if Monostable is selected*

Other GSM switches are available that have this function. Have a look at the LX-SWITCH or the GMT-3GS.

You can also call Sales for more information on 01225 767 129

The RC11 can store up to 250 users. depending on the SIM provider.

The only SIM issue we have found so far is with O2, this is where O2 like to store there help numbers in positions 1-10, so if using O2 please start storing numbers from 011 rather than 001.

The input on the RC11 has multiple uses and can be set to NO or NC, including but not limited to:

  • Magnetic contacts on gates.
  • PIR for motion sensing.
  • Pressure sensors for vehicle sensing.

the list goes on the only limit is your imagination.

The RC11 can be powered from the following:

16-24v AC

10-35v DC

We would suggest using our WT-1201, the output on this is 12v DC 1A

The RC11 works on the 2G network, so any Provider that does not use the Three network is accepted.

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