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DAITEM Wireless Intercom Controller

Home or office entry control made easier with the Daitem digital wireless intercom system


With multiple power options available, Daitem Intercoms can be installed in any location with or without mains power available.

The SC200AU can be powered by 12 - 24v AC or DC / A li-ion power pack can power the controller for up to 5 years *depending on use* A solar panel can also be used.

The SC206AX is powered with 4x D'cell batteries and these will last up to 3 years *depending on use* (12 - 24v AC or DC can also be used)


The battery life is based on household use, i.e.:

2 x 10-second communications, 7 latch commands and 6 gate commands per day for a controller and an outdoor caller unit without digicode,

1 x 10-second communication, 4 latch commands (without outdoor caller unit backlighting) and 5 gate commands (without outdoor caller unit backlighting) per day for a controller and outdoor caller unit with digicode.


Easy to install - No major work required



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