Daitem e-Nova Wireless Security Systems, Ideal for scaffolding

5 years battery life and 5 years warranty* giving you peace of mind that your Daitem Wireless Scaffold Alarm will keep on going. Daitem provides a comprehensive range of wireless alarm system equipment, to provide the professional installer with everything required to tailor a system that will meet any of their customer’s individual needs. With a wide range of external detectors available Daitem has the scaffold alarm covered.

20, 40 or 80 zones, 2, 4 or 8 intrusion partition groups.
Various Plug-In Transmission Modules ADSL, PSTN, GSM, GPRS
10 Internal / External Sirens or Sounders (vocal notification, warnings and deterrents)
Up to 5 Relay Range Extenders per system
Mobile App available in Android + iOS to operate, arm / disarm, view images and lots more!**
Protection against intrusion, fire and household hazards
Detect and Deter before any break-in occurs
Customisable Keypad Options 
15 Keypads or Remote controls
Rapid Deployment - Fast Installation
Up to 5 Year Battery Life in normal conditions of use
Extended Warranty available

External Perimeter Detection

Ideal for Scaffold Alarm Systems

External Pet-tolerant Motion Detectors
External Motion Detectors
Active Infra-red Barrier Beam with radio Transmitter / Receiver (30 Mtr or 60 Mtr)
Active Infra-red Barrier Beams, Slave Units (No radio Transmitter or Receiver. 30 Mtr or 60 Mtr)
The controller is held in an IP67 box well out of reach and is powered up to and sometimes past 5 years.
Plug-in PSTN, ADSL, GPRS, GSM diallers, meaning that the room taken up by the controller is minimal.
The option for remotes or keypads for arming/disarming.
Choose from a range of detectors ideal for scaffoling alarms as below:
30/60-meter dual beams, masters and slaves.
12m external dual PIR detectors (Pet-tolerant).
12m external dual PIR detectors (Pet-tolerant) with a 2500 - 3000mm mounting height.
12m two-way dual PIR detectors (Pet-tolerant) giving you a 24m detection area.
5m dual PIR corridor detectors with a narrow beam.
A range of harsh enviroment detectors.

Please contact us for further product information, introduction and FREE technical training courses

*2 years warranty as standard, extended to 5 years when the warranty extension form is returned

**Controller requires mains power to use the e-Daitem APP

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