GM4127 Solar Walkway Light 2000

A Hi-Tech solar panel and new Li-ion battery combined with state-of-the-art LED technology to make a most effective solar light for mains-free lighting available today. Ideal for farms, transport yards, building sites, homes, hotels, gardens, parks, marinas and outdoor events.

The unit is encased in virtually indestructible rustproof aluminium waterproof housing.

Operation is automatic, providing illumination when it is needed. The first 5 hours are on full 2000 lumen power before dimming by 25%, unless motion is detected by the PIR motion detector that will switch from energy saving low light mode to full power.

No wiring or mains power required for this independent solar powered light
Elegant integrated design aluminium alloy case, measures 808 x 227 x 164mm
Sensitive PIR Motion Sensor triggers light from 100 lumens to 2000 lumens for 30 seconds or whilst movement in the area
Weatherproof to IP65. Floodlight Measures: 242.5 x 120.5 x 92mm (PV solar panel 29 x 19.5 x 33.5cm) Bracket mounted (supplied)
Lighting time from fully charged - 5 days. Charged fully in 9-10 hours of bright sunlight

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