GM4141 Low cost lighting solution

This small light is exceptionally bright for its size! It only operates after dark and in energy saving mode it's great to show you the way and highlight a step or puddle. However, when the PIR movement sensor detects movement this little light is as bright as a SOW GLS bulb so doors, entrances and paths are clearly illuminated.

Ideal for both commercial and home applications to light paths, drives, entrances, sheds, garages, barns and stables.

These solar lights are ideal for both permanent and temporary installations
Energy saving mode of 10% until triggered by PIR Motion sensor to full-beam of 80 Lumens.
Full beam lasts for 10 seconds or as long as movement detected before returning to energy saving mode
No wiring + No cables + No trenching + No utility bills.
Robust and ABS case, measures 104 x 86 x 40mm
Lighting time from fully charged - 2 nights. Charged fully in 6 hours of bright sunlight

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