GMT-RC11 Switch

Total control from virtually anywhere with the GSM Remote Control GMT-RC11 Switch A simple telephone call (or text message) can remotely switch an electrical device on or off and also open or close a gate or door (entry system) - and that call is free.

Any call from an authorised user's number is recognised by the GMT-RC11 Switch causing it to promptly drop the call and carry out its selected action. It can, if required, send a confirmation signal that the command has been received and actioned. Acting on the research from our customers and users, GM Techtronics Ltd has commissioned a brand new range of GSM products, paying particular attention to the monitoring of these devices.

They can be operated from almost anywhere in the world by making a no charge call from an authorised number stored in its memory. The GMT-RC11 is the first product in our new range to be released. It is a basic but clever entry level GSM remote switching device that was designed for easy programming, quick installation and simple operation for the end user. Providing a basic - normally open or normally closed - relay remote switching device.

The GMT-RC11 is supplied with an internal antenna, other antenna options are also available.

This device has a standard SIM card socket allowing the installer or user to select the best service provider for the location where it is to be installed. It's single output relay can be used for operating gates, barriers, door entry system, resetting electronic equipment - or virtually any electrical device - from almost any phone anywhere in the world.

Installing and programming the device could not be easier. Remote programming can be carried out if required using SMS messaging.

There are unending uses and possibilities for this product, if you just need to simply turn something on / off or open and close remotely over the GSM network then this product is for you.

1 optocoupler (voltage) input

1 x 230v AC / 24v DC, NO/NC relay output

Output relay load: max. 230V@5A

Monostable (250 sec.) Bi-stable output control

Programming by DIP switches and SMS

Send SMS messages to a predefined user phone number

Output control phone numbers are saved on the SIM card, (250/500)

Control with or without caller ID

GSM antenna type SMA connector (included)

PCB Size: 59 x 53 x 21 mm

Package size: 132 x 128 x 32 mm

Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C

Stand by voltage: 12v @ 25mA or 24v @ 15mA

Maximum current drain: 12v <700mA or 24v <350mA

Power supply: 16-24v AC or 10-30v DC


*External enclosure optional

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