Multifunction LX Switch

4 inputs, 2 outputs - 12v DC

A simple Free phone call to the LX Switch can activate the relay and switch electrical devices on or off - and do so much more!

Turn your heating on or off, even for a set period of time, the LX Switch relay can be set from 1 second to 1 year. The switch is fully customisable to your needs.

CCTV camera outputs can be programmed to activate an input on the LX Switch to turn on lighting via output 1 or simply text a number notifying a change of state.

The LX Switch relay can open or close gates and doors to your property. You can manage sports ground lighting, if you hire by the hour, the LX Switch can turn on the floodlights and after the hour is up, the lights would automatically switch off. This can also be done with any commercial / residential lighting.

The LX Switch uses web-based Active View software and can be self-monitored by the user. Low cost SIM cards are available. Remote programming can be carried out using SMS messaging - a roaming SMS/voice/data SIM card available from GM Techtronics means you are never without a signal.

As you can see from the diagram, the device has 4 inputs and 2 outputs. Output 1 is an OC type and output 2 is a NO/NC relay. Inputs 1-4 have the ability to operate Output 1 and up to 500 programmable users can operate output 2. The possibilities of this LX Switch are virtually endless, from opening your automatic gate, door or garage entry system, to switching on cooling systems, heaters and pumps to turning on lights, sounding sirens and ringing bells. All done from a Free call - the only cost would be if you require the switch to text you of any input/output activity.

Main benefits of the LX Switch

OC output
Single relay NO/NC output
Relay operating time function (programmable)
GSM signal strength indication
5 administrators
500 users
Configuration by SMS, PC or OSM server
Call back function
Dimensions: 125 x 115 x 58mm
CE Marked
IP65 enclosure

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